” Become the industry leader in the world’s cinnamon and spice market”


Using 29 years of knowledge, healthy production practices, and modern technology, to deliver genuine Ceylon flavor to the world’s customers.”

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We work to uphold the image of Ceylon cinnamon as a proud exporter in every step of the process.

Corporate Information

Cinnamro spices (Pvt) Ltd is an authorized ceylon Cinnamon and spices exporter/seller in Export Development Board, Sri Lanka. (Reg No:PV00268537) We are honored to deliver the finest Ceylon Cinnamon and other Ceylon spices from Sri Lanka, the Wonder of Asia.


More of Sri Lanka’s production of cinnamon goes to overseas markets. Cinnamro has a significant impact on that export process. As stated in the company’s vision statement, Cinnamro developed its own values and competencies among the more than 100 customer base. A solid international market is facilitated by widespread demand for Cinnamro’s high-quality goods. Cinnamro expanded its business throughout various countries in recent years.

Cinnamro spices (Pvt) Ltd exports cinnamon & spices to the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Ecuador, UAE, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Italy, El Salvador , Chile, Panama, Honduras, India, Pakistan and Turkey

More than customer base

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